Testimonials & Press

“An Unforgettable Experience!!

If anyone feels this city has nothing to offer, Think again! You must go sailing! Thanks to Discover Sailing India, I have finally fallen in love with the city of Mumbai all over again! Sailing in the city is unimaginable. So calming, relaxing. One can choose to go cruising, watching the sunset. Helps people engage in meaningful conversations, connect with one’s inner self or just a fun meaningful experience with family and friends other than the usual night clubs or restaurants.

I have been sailing on multiple ships, passenger sailing yachts around the world. But the thrill of Sailing on a small yacht in your own city is just wonderful. I have been on the Tux multiple times. Ayesha, Malvika and her team  etc. who I have sailed with, have always been ever accommodating and helpful throughout! 

A must try for everyone to experience something different in the city”

– Danielle