Unsettled Week

UNSETTLED weeks is one of our most personal and loved projects, particularly because it involves everything we enjoy, co-learning, exploration, community, adventure and of course, Sailing. The unsettled weeks are experiences aimed at creating something more than your typical holiday package. We care deeply about making spaces that let us seamlessly navigate work, leisure and most importantly, personal and collective growth. We invite entrepreneurs,creatives, designers, artists and anyone who feels that there is always potential for more within the unknown. We know that all that we ascribe to ourselves matter very little when we are on the seas, face to face with nature. Come aboard to see what it means to explore. 30-40 crew, from all walks of life, sail together through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. You will cruise the open waters, cooking meals together, finding secret beaches and coves, learn the ropes of sailing, and form a bond with your crew that few find outside the realm of the seas. Our aim is to provide a space where the potential for teamwork and bonding are celebrated every second of our day. We think itineraries are alright, but making your own is what changes the experience. Our participants make their own schedules, which island to anchor off, what music to play, what food would hit the spot, when to party and how to sail our beautiful yachts across the blue.


This sailing week is a great way to introduce sailing to the whole family. You stay on a sailing yacht skippered by a certified sailor and decide on your plan of action for the week onboard.

We usually spend a good part of our time between being draped on the sundeck, floating lazily around beaches, snorkelling thought coral reefs or finding some fresh lunch from the seas!

Depending on your location around the world, your jaunts on land will involve getting a taste of the local cuisine and culture, guided tours to dive deeper into the history of the place and restocking on any supplies we could need.

There is 4-5 hours of sailing everyday, depending on weather conditions which doubles up as a great open air classroom for the whole family on sailing basics.

Hoisting the sails, managing the lines, the basics of anchoring with our certified skippers are all a part of this week. Sailing can be an incredible way of working together with your family.

There are plenty of salt crusted myths about the seasoned sailor, which make sailing seem a faraway dream. We aim at throwing that overboard as soon as we set sail!

Sailing is for everyone, from all ages and sizes, and we believe in the right conditions, even the young ones could take the helm!

Safety is our first priority and this includes harnesses, life jackets and safety nets, to ensure the safest yacht and seas for your family to explore.


Think of the wind in your hair, sunsets that Poseidon himself comes out to watch, music floating through the waves and a couple of drinks with your gang aboard a fine sailing yacht. Yup, that’s part of what got us into this too.

The celebration sailing week is for those times in your lives when you want to step out with your clan for something more than an average weekend party.

Options range from a single yacht to a flotilla of 3-4 different boats cruising together through some of the finest seas, stopping at random to celebrate why we all came together.

We believe the best way to scare off a hangover is  jumping into blue waters and starting the day off easy. With beers firmly gripped, the wind in your sails and everyone on race duty, party regattas usually follow.

Depending on our location around the world, we make stops for a taste of the regional flavours, local gigs and nightlife and sometimes even bring the party back on board!

The yacht is not only the mode of transport, but also your home to sail, swim, sunbathe and relax on. This week is to celebrate special occasions with your friends like birthdays, anniversaries or that party holiday all of you needed.