Our instructors are certified by the Yachting Association of India (YAI) and RYA (Royal Yachting Association).

Ensuring an enjoyable and safe sailing experience is the priority of all our instructors.

Ayesha Lobo

Ayesha Lobo is ranked no. 1 in Asia in women’s sailing. She began sailing at a very young age after a sailboat ride on the Mumbai harbor. She is an active competitor in the international sailing arena and participates in several regattas on a national and international level.

Ayesha is a professional sailing instructor for individuals of all age groups and loves teaching. She has previously taught sailing at the Royal Yachting Association U.K. (RYA) Centers besides other yachting associations around India and the world.

In 2016, she was chosen as one of Verve’s top 25 entrepreneurs under 25 for her unequalled enthusiasm and her continued efforts to put India on the map vis a vis the sport of sailing.

Besides sailing, she enjoys playing other sports like basketball, archery, horse-riding, climbing, trekking, mountain biking and bungee jumping. She has her certification as a rescue scuba diver from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and is on her way to becoming a Dive Instructor.

Sunil Lobo

Sunil Lobo has always been an avid water sports enthusiast. Wind surfing was the first water sport that he took on. He volunteered as a mentor and taught wind surfing for several years, alongside a corporate career. He soon took to the sport of sailing and he soon became involved with rescue on the Optimist Sailing Program.

Sunil Lobo received his sailing certification from the Yachting Association of India (YAI). Before long, he was running the Optimist Sailing Program and introduced many positive changes in the program structure and operation.

He is an excellent mentor and enjoys imparting new skills and knowledge to his students. His other sports interests include horse-riding, swimming and scuba diving. He is also an aeromodelling aficionado.

Anu Iyengar

Anu decided enroll at one of the oldest sailing schools- the Seven Seas sailing school in Buffalo, New York while working there - and enjoyed every bit of it. She got her basic keelboat certification and thereafter took any opportunity that she could get to be out sailing on the water.

When she returned to India, she decided to make the big and exciting shift from corporate life to the sailing life. Through the Yachting Association of India in Mumbai, she met with the dynamic father-daughter duo of Discover Sailing India who encouraged her to pursue her passion for sailing and join the team. Since then, every day is a new adventure spent doing what she enjoys the most- Sailing.

Anu also has a flare for languages and is at an advanced level in an immersive Spanish language- learning program.

Roop Patil

According to Her, Sailing is not only just taking the boat on water but involves activities like pulling and hoisting of sails to maneuver a boat or a yacht which adds to your muscle strength. The various tasks associated with sailing also help improve your flexibility, agility & concentration.Similarly as a power boat instructor it gives me confidence while Sailing & helps in control the boat. She got the thrill of Sailing with the help of her instructors and She started power boating at the age of 12 on a dinghy. When She's not on water, She's eitherI cooking varieous food, read blogs & watch motivational videos. An animal lover who loves to sketch she is also an avid Biker. Her future goals involve learning as much as she can until she eventually takes on a leadership role to manage and shape a team into successful people.


Benny gets a lot of his inspiration and learning from the mountains and the sea. A discover sail with his four friends was all it took to get him hooked into sailing. With constraints on his first passion of trekking, sailing soon became a quick replacement. He is not only driven by the open sea, the clear skies, the playful dolphins but also the endless challenges and possibilities that the sport offers. The changing winds and tides keep his mind active and allows him to be quick and present on his feet.

Once you get to know him you will see a variety of amazing things that he is capable of and he's always the first one to jump and help without anyone needing to ask.

Adin Simeons

Sailing to him is a great way to De-stress, a way to find peace and quite in this crazy world of university and exams. His favouirte class of boats are the Jboats because they are fast, fun and so easy to handle. He fell in love with the sport a couple of years ago and has been on the water everyday since. He enjoys the racing aspect of sailing the most as it involves team work and every role plays a crucial part, He says" sailing has taught him communication is key even if its just the nod of the head."

He is currently studying to be a lawyer and hopes to continue teaching and learning sailing alongside.

He also enjoys Fishing and cooking, so defiantly a good crew on long distance sailing trips. His dream is to One day Own a big sailing yacht and cook the fish he caught while sailing into the sunset.

Varun Thakkar

From a young age, sailing has flowed through his veins. He has been winning regattas ever since; his passion for the sport has landed him an Asian Games Medal in the 49er (his favourite class of boats) . He also teaches at his local sailing club as a way to give back to the sport. He is always full of surprises, as there's always more that meets the eye. Try and catch him off the water because if he's not sailing, you can find him wake-boarding. He aspires to be an Olympian Gold medalist and lead India's first America's cup team. He is also a spiritual person and is a huge dog lover.

Saad Azad

Originally a Sailor with the Sea Cadet Corps, for many years, he further went on to pursue his career in Technology and is currently working in a financial firm. He has competed at several National level championships and has been racing as a Pit crew on the Jboats majorly on the J/122E for the last 4 years in the Bombay Merchants Cup series (Big boats) with several wins. He has competed in the J80 Asian championships and is training to take on bigger championships abroad as a trimmer on board.

According to him, apart from sailing being a sport with tremendous history, connection to the wind and water, and just being awesome, he has always been drawn to the sea. Sailing gives him a sense of freedom and tranquility as well as sense of adventure and exploration.

Sailing races is even more fun which bring along unfathomable wealth and knowledge . Best part about it for him is that the kind of people sailing brings together and thats what makes him love being a sailor. He loves to get into the technical side of sailing as to him its like learning Something new everyday. His favourite things to teach are rope work and knots, Sailing downwind tactics and pit work.

He dreams to one day sail across an ocean and make our country proud by wining an international event someday

If he's not on the water or at work you can find him motor biking across states to climb some rocks or just to enjoy the view above as he paraglide into the beautiful green landscapes.

Malvika Lobo

She started sailing at the age of 9 and has competed in National championships. Over the past 2 year she has been training in the J/Boats class for racing and has been competing In Events. .After competing in the J80 class championships at the international Asian Level She too has got the racing bug. A psychologist by profession, she brings her therapeutic skills to the team.

You will always see her with the dogs on board or taking Pictures of everyone having a good time. Her dream is to sail the beautiful islands around the world and enjoy their amazing cultures.